Chainsaw Man Creator Gives Update on Manga’s Comeback

Chainsaw Man has risen the ranks to become one of the biggest manga these days, and its success is deserved. Artist Tatsuki Fujimoto is taking time to plan the story’s comeback, and with an anime in the works, you can see how busy he is. But even still, a recent interview with Fujimoto has updated fans on Chainsaw Man part two and its status.

The update comes from Twitter after pages like WSJ_manga got a hold of Fujimoto’s latest interview. He spoke with Kono Manga ga Sugoi, and it was there Fujimoto said he’s focusing on a one-shot right now rather than Chainsaw Man.

The interview confirms Fujimoto is still penning pieces of Chainsaw Man’s new part, but it has not taken over his life. The story is far from complete, and in the meantime, Fujimoto is keeping himself sharp by working on one-shots and anthologies. While some might be upset by this update, most fans are happy to see Fujimoto working on the things he wants, and it isn’t so bad to take a break from things.

After all, it is hard to see beyond yourself or a story when you are in the middle of it. By removing himself from Chainsaw Man, Fujimoto is gaining a better view of it from the outside. This can only bring good things to fans, and that isn’t even considering Fujimoto’s schedule. The artist may be busy, but he isn’t letting Chainsaw Man’s popularity rush him. Though it will take longer in the end, fans would rather wait for part two than be given a rushed follow-up any day of the week.

For now, fans will have to see where Fujimoto’s schedule takes him, but Chainsaw Man will likely keep part two hidden for a while. Its anime is about to become the big focus, so the manga might launch its comeback once season one ends. So if that is the case, well – part two might wait in the wings until 2023 rolls in.


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