Burn the Witch May Be Eyeing a 2022 Comeback


Burn the Witch has kept quiet since its anime went live in October 2020, but fans know there is more coming for the franchise. After all, creator Tite Kubo set up the fantastical series for more updates, but fans weren’t given any idea of when they might come. But now, it seems a new release may be on its way ASAP.

The update comes from Japan as Tite Kubo’s fan club received a note teasing the update. The message was written to welcome the new year, and it told fans that new info about Burn the Witch would be shared this year.

And yeah, that is about it. This is the first nod to Burn the Witch fans have gotten in a hot minute. A small update is better than nothing, but fans would be lying if they said they didn’t need more details ASAP.

For those who haven’t checked out Burn the Witch, the fantasy series is the first big project Kubo undertook after Bleach ended. The story is connected to Bleach very loosely, but Ichigo is nowhere in sight. This new series focuses on two witches named Noel and Ninny who work for the Soul Society’s western branch. Tasked with keeping their magical world safe, the pair find themselves torn when humanity edges too close to their world, and a bunch of dragons make sure to complicate things.

Burn the Witch began as a manga one-shot in July 2018 before a four-part manga was released in late 2020. The release was followed up quickly by Burn the Witch’s movie which earned solid reviews from fans. And now, netizens are hoping Noel and Ninny bring a bit of magic to 2022.


What do you think of this big comeback? Are you ready for more Burn the Witch or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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