Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer First Look Revealed


BOOM! Studios has released a first look at the upcoming, first issue of their new Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer. The issue features main cover art by acclaimed illustrator Ario Anindito (Star Wars: The High Republic) and variant cover art by fan favorite artists Rod Reis (New Mutants), Dani Pendergast (Magic), Jakub Rebelka (Judas, Origins), Claire Roe (Bury the Lede), and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Undiscovered Country). The issues will be available for sale on December 8, 2021 in comic shops and on digital apps like ComiXology. This is a new direction for the series, as Buffy is headed to the post-apocalyptic future in the upcoming series.

Here’s the publisher’s official synopsis for the title:

Buffy Last Vampire Slayer #1 – Can a lone Slayer save what’s left of humanity?

Buffy Summers is the last Slayer. Now in her 50s, she wages a one woman fight against the forces of darkness, who prey on humanity in the daylight unimpeded thanks to a magical catastrophe that has nearly blotted out the sun.

The same disaster robbed Buffy of her friends and ended the Slayer-line, forcing her into an endless guerilla war. That is, until she stumbles across something she hasn’t seen in a long time – hope, in the form of a prophecy and the young girl who carries it.

The Multiverse explodes as writer Casey Gilly (Femme Magnifique, You Died) and artist Joe Jaro (Firefly) bring you a dystopian tale of Buffy Summers as you’ve never seen her before for fans of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, Batman: Last Knight On Earth, and Future State: Wonder Woman.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the newest release from BOOM! Studios’ eponymous imprint, home to critically acclaimed original series, including BRZRKR by Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, and Ron Garney; Proctor Valley Road by Grant Morrison, Alex Child, and Naomi Franquiz; We Only Find Them When They’re Dead by Al Ewing and Simone Di Meo; Seven Secrets by Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo; Something is Killing the Children by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera; Once & Future by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora; The Many Deaths of Laila Starr by Ram V and Filipe Andrade; and Eve by Victor LaValle and Jo Mi-Gyeong. The imprint also publishes popular licensed properties, including Dune: House Atreides from Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, and Dev Pramanik; Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers from Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, and Francesco Mortarino; and Magic from Jed McKay and Ig Guara.

You can see the covers and some preview pages below.

Page 6 2021-promo-buffylastvampireslayer-001-vg-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Page 5 2021-promo-buffylastvampireslayer-001-vg5-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Page 4 2021-promo-buffylastvampireslayer-001-vg4.jpgprevnext
Page 3 2021-promo-buffylastvampireslayer-001-vg3-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Page 2 2021-promo-buffylastvampireslayer-001-vg2-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Cover E buffylastvampireslayer-001-cover-g-variant-promo-2-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Cover D buffylastvampireslayer-001-cover-f-variant-promo-1-1-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Cover C buffylastvampireslayer-001-cover-e-variant-promo-1-1-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Cover B buffylastvampireslayer-001-cover-b-variant-promo-1-1-609x1024.jpgprevnext
Cover A buffylastvampireslayer-001-cover-a-main-promo-1-1-609x1024.jpgprev

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