Boruto Suits Up Sarada in Her Chunin Gear at Last: Watch

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has seen some changes arrive as a result of the latest rounds of the Chunin Exams, with Sarada Uchiha gaining a legendary promotion in rising the ranks from a Genin to a Chunin, and the latest episode of the sequel series has shown what the leader of Team 7 will look like in her newfound gear. With Team 7 taking a break following the battle against Jigen and the Kara Organization, which fundamentally changed the ninja world, the anime is making some major changes to its source material as the Hidden Leaf marches forward.

Sarada has earned her place as both the leader of Team 7 and a Chunin a number of times throughout the series, most recently when she helped her friends defeat the cult leader of Kara, Boro. Employing her tactical skills to net a serious victory for Konoha, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura has yet to actually become a Chunin the manga series, as the Hidden Leaf Village is still struggling with Kara, albeit with a new leader following Jigen’s death. Considering how the anime mimics its source material, it will be interesting to see if Sarada holds onto her title for the foreseeable future or if it is destined to be lost in order for the series to stay closer to its roots.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the touching video that sees the Seventh Hokage welcoming the new generation of Chunin that were promoted during the Chunin Exams, with Sarada, Denki Kaminarimon, Wasabi Izuno, and Houki Taketori showing off their new gear that they will be wearing as the newest leaders of the ninja world:

Sarada is finally a Chunin, SHANNAROOO?! #Boruto

— Abdul Zoldyck (@Abdul_S17) December 5, 2021

The anime series is looking to tell new stories in the ninja world as the manga continues to tell the story of Code putting together a new Kara Organization in order to get revenge for the loss of his master. With the television show looking to explore Kawaki becoming an official ninja of Konoha in its upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to see what new angles the series takes as it continues to tell the story of the next generation and Team 7 of the Hidden Leaf.


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