Black Clover to Drop New Movie Details at Jump Festa

Black Clover has been quiet on the animation front since early this year. It was back in February that fans learned the shonen series was closing its anime, and as you can imagine, fans were rather upset. After all, the show’s popularity was at a high when it shut down, and there is still plenty of content left to adapt. This anger was assuaged when fans figured out the anime will likely return once the manga has more to adapt. And now, Black Clover is going to fill in its lapse with some movie news.

Yes, you did read that right. It sounds like Black Clover is getting ready to drop information on its upcoming movie. The update is slated to go down in less than two weeks, and we have Jump Festa to thank for it all.

More information about the upcoming movie will be revealed at Jump Festa. #BlackClover

Jump Festa is held on December 18th/19th of this year. Black Clover will have a Jump Studio Stage to promote the movie, merchandise, etc.

— ?#BlackClover / #?????????? (@Clover_Kingdom_) December 5, 2021

The report began circling over on Twitter after Jump Festa updated its schedule for this December. It was there prominent fan-sites like Clover Kingdom shared the news that Jump Festa’s Black Clover panel will drop details about its first movie.

If the rumors are true, Black Clover will share its first movie details with fans on December 19. The anime will hold a main stage panel to discuss the film and tease what’s to come in the manga. After all, creator Yuki Tabata is putting out new chapters weekly, and the manga’s progress dictates when the weekly anime will return. For now, it seems like Black Clover’s movie will debut well before the show returns, and this late 2021 panel suggests a movie could come next year. And with an original story at hand, Black Clover’s movie could be just the thing to spark its return to television!


What do you think about Black Clover’s move to the big screen? Are you excited for its comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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