Black Clover Drops Its Craziest Twist Yet With an Identity Reveal

Black Clover just closed one of its most intense arcs yet, but creator Yuki Tabata was not about to wrap the story without a few loose strings. Asta and Yuno helped defeat Lucifero after a grueling battle, but there are more devils eyeing the Clover Kingdom. And this week, fans learned the secret identity one of the devils has been using.

So if you aren’t caught up with Black Clover, you have been warned! There are massive spoilers for the manga below. Seriously, you’ve been warned.

At the end of chapter 331, Black Clover took the entire fandom by surprise when it revealed the missing Zogratis brother. The mysterious devil has been hiding for a while, and fans were confident he would appear once Lucifero was dealt with. The guess was spot-on, and it turns out Lucius Zogratis has been hiding under the name Julius Novachrono the whole time.

The Final Arc Begins in Black Clover…… And now we wait 3 months for Lucius plan of action

And now we know the 3 rulers of the Underworld and their names

Lucifero- Gravity Magic
Beelzebub- Spatial Magic
Astaroth- Time Magic

I’m so excited!!!

— GIBBERT (@GIBBERThypeman) April 24, 2022

Yes, that is right. The current Wizard King is a front for the Time Devil, and Black Clover fans are freaking out.

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The reveal was made by Tabata at the last hour, and Zogratis confirmed his identity during a meeting with his siblings. It turns out Lucius has been using the Time Devil’s powers to coordinate the timeline to his liking, so the Zogratis brothers aren’t too put out by Lucifero’s loss. After all, Julius’ identity is still a secret to the world, and his title as the Wizard King will keep the knights off his back for now. But as you can imagine, this big twist has taken netizens back in the best kind of way.

What do you think about Black Clover’s last-minute twist here? Did you ever suspect something was up with Julius? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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