Beastars Confirms Final Season With New Logo

Beastars remains one of the biggest anime exclusives that Netflix has added to its ever-expanding anime roster, introducing viewers to a world that sees anthropomorphic high-schoolers attempting to survive the trials and tribulations of their university while also attempting to solve a murder mystery while living in a world of predators and prey. Now, it seems as though the third season of the anime series from Studio Orange is set to be its last as the animation house responsible for the dark adventures of Legosi and company has confirmed with a new logo that the series’ days are numbered.

Beastars’ manga ended late last year, with creator Paru Itagaki deciding to put a cap on the dark series that saw Legosi and his friends attempting to solve the mystery of who had been killing students within their school. With the second season of the anime series arriving on Netflix earlier this year, Studio Orange wasted little time in confirming that a new season was on its way, though this logo reveal is the first time that it has been confirmed that Beastars will be bringing its story to a close. While Itagaki has been tight-lipped about the series returning for an official sequel, the mangaka hasn’t been shy about revisiting this anime world.

Studio Orange revealed the new logo for Beastars’ upcoming third season which confirms that the animated adaptation of Paru Itagaki’s manga will be coming to a close and wrapping the story of the anime world that was often thought of as a darker version of Disney’s animated film, Zootopia:

#BEASTARS is getting a new logo!
There must be many questions but this is all we can reveal at the time. We hope everyone can join us for the show til the end.

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— Orange: Anime Studio (@CG_Orange_eng) December 7, 2021

Paru Itagaki isn’t the only member of her family who is in the anime business, with her father, Keisuke Itagaki making a name for himself with the anime franchise known as Baki The Grappler. Ironically enough, Baki is also an exclusive for Netflix, with the streaming service recently releasing the latest batch of episodes of the story of the young brawler who is seeking to defeat the overwhelming power of his father, Yujiro Hanma. While the two haven’t crossed over on an official story as of yet, especially since Beastars and Baki couldn’t be more different, the world of anime has seen stranger things happen.


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