Batman: The Imposter #3 Preview Teases “No Going Back” for Bruce Wayne (Exclusive)

In Batman: The Imposter, fans of the iconic character have gotten a new look at the Dark Knight in the early days of his war on crime in Gotham, a look that has seen the young vigilante face what might be his biggest challenge yet: some powerful enemies with a plan to bring him down and a second, imposter Batman with no issues murdering criminals and whose brutal methods are poised to be the real Batman’s undoing. Written by director and screenwriter Mattson Tomlin (Project Power, Little Fish), the third and final issue of this Prestige format series debuts this week and will see the battle against the imposter Batman heat up — and call into question if there is a way back for Bruce Wayne after all the damage caused. has been given an exclusive preview of Batman: The Imposter #3, which goes on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, December 14th. The book features art and cover by Andrea Sorrentino, colors by Jordie Bellaire, letters by Steve Wands, and a variant cover by Lee Bermejo.

“As a lifelong Batman fan, putting my spin on Gotham City has been a dream come true,” Tomlin previously told about the series. “Taking the question of ‘What if Batman was real?’ as far as narratively possible conjured incredible potential that hasn’t recently been explored in the comics. Batman: The Imposter treats Bruce Wayne and the people around him as tragically flawed and vividly real, with the obstacles Batman faces coming from a reality that closely mirrors our own.”

You can check out the official description of the issue below and then read on for the preview.

“The battle against the imposter poisoning the Batman’s name heats up, while Detective Blair Wong makes a deadly decision! Is there any way back for Bruce Wayne’s war on crime after the damage the copycat has done? Or was that war already lost before it ever began?”

Batman: The Imposter #3 goes on sale Tuesday, December 14th. The hardcover collected edition of the series will be published in February 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

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