Batman Star Michael Keaton to Direct and Star in New Thriller

Michael Keaton is having a big year. Not only did the legendary actor recently win multiple awards, including a Golden Globe and SAG Award, for his performance in Dopesick, but he is also reprising some of his most iconic roles. Last month, Keaton made a cameo appearance in Morbius as Vulture and will be seen next year playing Batman in The Flash, which will mark his first appearance as the superhero since 1992. Now, Deadline is reporting that Keaton is set to star and direct in a noir thriller titled Knox Goes Away. You can read a description of the film below…

“The film follows a contract killer who, after being diagnosed with a fast-moving form of dementia, is presented with the opportunity to redeem himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son. But to do so he must race against the police closing in on him as well as the ticking clock of his own rapidly deteriorating mind.” Knox Goes Away was written by Gregory Poirier and is being produced by Brookstreet’s Trevor Matthews and Nick Gordon as well as Sugar23’s Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta. Carter Stanton will executive produce for Brookstreet and Jillian Kay for Sugar23.

As for The Flash, Keaton previously spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about joining the DCEU.

“I had to read it more than three times to go, ‘Wait, how does this work?” Keaton said of the multiverse storyline in The Flash. “They had to explain that to me several times. By the way, I’m not being arrogant, I hope, about this. I don’t say it like, ‘I’m too groovy.’ I’m stupid. There’s a lot of things I don’t know about. And so, I don’t know, I just kind of figured it out, but this was different. What’s really interesting is how much more I got [Batman] when I went back and did him. I get this on a whole other level now. I totally respect it. I respect what people are trying to make. I never looked at it like, ‘Oh, this is just a silly thing.’ It was not a silly thing when I did Batman. But it has become a giant thing, culturally. It’s iconic. So I have even more respect for it because what do I know? This is a big deal in the world to people. You’ve got to honor that and be respectful of that. Even I go, ‘Jesus, this is huge.'”


The Flash is currently set to be released on June 23, 2023. Knox Goes Away does not yet have a release date.

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