Batgirls #1 Review

“Don’t try this at home…unless of course, you’re a Batgirl”

Batgirls #1

Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan)

Michael W. Conrad (@michaelwconrad)

Jorge Corona (@jecorona)

Review by Chris Ceary

Content/triggers: Mugging

When the women of the Batfamily need to go off the grid, three generations of Batgirls form their own team. Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Barbara Gordon team up to fight crime on their own terms. They have to build a new network, keep a low profile, and learn to work together as a unit in this colorful found family-fueled romp from Cloonan, Conrad, and Corona. 

Batgirls is the clever, funny, feminist story the women in the Batfamily deserve. It continues the direction both Robins and Wayne Family Adventures has begun of refocusing Gotham storylines on character, with more grounded storytelling. It allows the Batfamily to be fun, not just marred in a grimdark tone. If you long for the days of Batgirl of Burnside or wish more DC titles could be like Unbeatable Squirrel Girl this is going to be right up your crime alley.

Batgirls also allows Babs to take on the role of mentor. We get to see the younger Batgirls learning from her while also watching Babs struggle with how to be a good mentor. It is the role she was meant to play. Stephanie and Cass are at their friendship goals best in this story, with moments that show they know each other better than anyone. This first issue does a lot to establish where the characters are in their lives and development, leaving hints at the plot to come. It is hard to say at this point what the arc will be, but this reviewer will be along for the ride, grappling hook at the ready. 

The neon color scheme gives Gotham a slight cyberpunk bent, making every scene look like graffiti. The art is absolutely stunning. Cass, Steph, and Babs’s characters shine through their depiction on every panel, the art adding layers to their characterization. This is especially true of the costume design, where each outfit is brimming with personality. Special shout out to the panel where Cass is wearing her favorite robe–a fluffy purple unicorn.


GET IT NOW. Batgirls is charming. It is appropriate for younger readers while being perfect for adult fans as well. It also serves as a fun jumping-on spot for those new to the characters. Batgirls is the story Cass, Babs, and Steph have deserved. It’s the story Batfamily fans deserve, and you deserve to get it on your pull list now. 

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