Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Revisits The “Painted Lady”


Avatar The Last Airbender is making a comeback on two different fronts, the first being a live-action series developed for Netflix and new animated projects that are currently being produced by Avatar Studios, which will return to the world established by the journeys of Aang and Korra alike. With Katara being one of the most prominent benders in the original series, one episode in the third season of the show saw the water bender taking on a very different appearance as one fan has recreated the aesthetic of the Painted Lady, years following her debut.

For those who might not be familiar with the Painted Lady, she’s a mystical figure in the lore of the Fire Nation, with some small villages believing that this spiritual being will sometimes return to help them in their time of need. During the third season, Katara decides to help the people of the Fire Nation where she can by donning the appearance of the Painted Lady, as Aang and company attempt to navigate their way through enemy territory. For her trouble, Katara is eventually confronted by the real Painted Lady and receives thanks for the work she put in to help the villagers that were caught up in the Fire Nation’s journey to take over the world.

Instagram Cosplayer Stellar Cosplay shared this new take on one of Katara’s alter egos, which saw the member of the Water Tribe attempting to help the citizens of the Fire Nation by donning the appearance of the specter that would eventually appear before the member of Aang’s gang to give her thanks:

The final season of Avatar The Last Airbender would throw a lot of challenges at Katara besides simply combating the Fire Lord Ozai, with one episode seeing the water bender learning to bend the blood within a person’s body, giving her a power that she never wanted to know existed in the first place. As the production for Netflix’s live-action adaptation continues, it will be interesting to see if Katara takes on this appearance at some point in the series, or if the television show ever reaches this point.


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