Aussie Cricket “Best of Ashes Team” Selection with Rey & Dave – HINT – Steve Waugh is in it! (and Mark might be too!)

A bit of a change of pace from DAVE and REY as we sit down to discuss the “Best Of Aussie Ashes Team” from the last 20 – and last 40! – years of Australian cricket. There was a disgraceful decision by Cricket Australia and Fox Sports to somehow not select Steve Waugh for this squad which frankly pissed us off and we took matters into our own hands and formed an impromptu selection panel to correct matters! We cover it all, from Boonie opening up the innings, Terry Alderman, the Smiling Assassin, Ricky, Warnie, Tubby, GEOFF LAWSON, LILLEE, and plenty of greats get discussed! We invite listener feedback and it will be read on the show! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and congratulations for the recent T20 World Cup victory, and BEST WISHES to the Australian Cricket Team on the eve of this Ashes Series!

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