Attack on Titan Season 4 Upsets Zeke’s Plan With Dark Revelation

Attack on Titan has really upset Zeke’s plan with a dark revelation with the newest episode of the series! The fourth and final season of the series has been building towards the explosive end game, and the newest episode has taken it one step forward with some major revelations that have not only changed fans’ understanding about the past but has set a new course in motion for the series’ future. Eren has been especially different in these new episodes, and his changes have been dramatically noticeable to the one he was supposed to be working together with, Zeke.

The second part of the final season has reached a critical new impasse as Zeke is now trying to get Eren to go along with his plan for the future of Eldia. Doing so, he was trying to appeal to the fact that both he and Eren were set on this path by their terrible father but soon Zeke realizes just how out of his depth he really is. In fact, the more he gets to see Eren’s past with his father the more Zeke learns that Eren has been this darker version of himself all along. Eren’s always been violent and hiding something beneath.

attack-on-titan-season-4-zeke-yeager.jpg(Photo: MAPPA)

Episode 79 of Attack on Titan picks up from the previous teases that revealed Eren had something different in mind about the Founding Titan’s power than what Zeke was planning. As Zeke took him on a tour of the past, he started to see that Grisha was a more loving father to Eren than what he ever had. This not only stirred complicated feelings within him, but at the same time he also learned about Eren’s violent past and his tendency to even kill as long as he was able to live the way he wanted.

This started to really rub Zeke the wrong way, and soon he learns that it was actually Eren manipulating his own life the entire time. With the secret power hidden within the Attack Titan, he was able to see so far into the future he learned the only way to get what he wants. Thus he had Grisha set him on his violent plan, and it was such an upsetting reveal for Zeke he now realizes he’s actually been Eren’s pawn this entire time.


But what do you think? Are you curious to see what this means for Eren’s future goal for the series? What did you think of all of these new elements of Eren’s character and past? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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