Attack On Titan Season 4 Drops New Art of Mikasa Ahead of Comeback

The fourth and final season is set to continue in January of next year, showing the final dark stories of the Scout Regiment as they stare down not only the forces of Marley but also their former friend Eren Jaeger as he forms a cult-like following in the Jaegerists in order to put his “Euthanasia Plan” into practice. Now, in preparation for Attack On Titan’s major comeback, new art has emerged that gives us a new look at Mikasa Ackerman, one of the most popular characters of the dark anime who will have a major role in the final episodes.

When last we saw Mikasa, she was placed between a rock and a hard place, struggling to decide how to move forward now that she has been put at odds with Eren Jaeger, someone for whom she would previously die for. Now locked in prison along with the other members of the Scout Regiment after being caught by surprise by the Jaegerists, the return of the anime series will see the Ackermann attempting to come to grips with a battlefield wherein the lines between “good and evil,” have blurred even further. Rest assured, dark times are ahead for all the players involved in Attack On Titan.

Reddit User DarkThrone_9593 shared this new promotional image from Studio MAPPA, showing off Mikasa’s new look for Season Four in which she is strapped to bear with Thunder Spears and a new armor that is preparing her for some of the biggest battles of her life, set to take place in the upcoming episodes of the final season:

New illustration of Mikasa Ackerman ? from ShingekiNoKyojin

Attack On Titan’s manga ended earlier this year, meaning fans that read along already know how the franchise comes to a close. While creator Hajime Isayama hasn’t hinted at any new stories in this universe in the future, some easter eggs that the mangaka laid out in the last installment hint at the idea that there is certainly potential for a return down the line to this bleak environment. With rumors swirling that new anime projects might be in the works, the future for Attack On Titan might be bright despite its dark subject matter.


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