Attack On Titan: Mikasa Actress Admits They Sobbed For Hours After Recording Season 4

Throughout Attack On Titan, many characters have changed by leaps and bounds throughout the years, with secrets being revealed about the Eldians within the walls and the world that lies outside of their island. However, Mikasa Ackermann is a character that has pretty much refused to change, not just in the fact that she never gained the powers of a Titan, but she has stuck to her guns by sticking with her friends and protecting Eren from various threats. We recently had the opportunity to chat with the English voice cast and learned that Trina Nishimura couldn’t hold back her emotions when bringing the final season to life.

Eren Jeager’s character change has put Mikasa into quite a difficult situation, wherein Mikasa must now choose whether to rally against her adopted brother or fall in line with his plan of unleashing the Rumbling to eliminate anyone that doesn’t have Eldian blood running through their veins. With the English Dub set to arrive on February 13th and give us a new version of the final episodes of the fourth season, there is plenty for Mikasa to do as the war between Eldia and Marley continues with a twist.

Trina Nishimura, the voice of Mikasa, recently joined both Bryce Papenbrook and Josh Grelle, the English voices for Eren and Armin, to chat about the final season, with the voice actress revealing that she could not stop from crying when recording the episodes:

“I feel like everything in Season 4, Part 1, was just so traumatic and so harsh. There was never a beach moment, nobody got a sauna day. It was just all so heartbreaking. I think the most challenging for me was the rooftop scene, certainly. Watching, experiencing that and going through all of the emotion and just sobbing. It was just sobbing for like an hour. As an actor, you relay your own emotions and experiences into whatever it is that you’re portraying. For me, that portrayal was looking at Josh, charred on the ground or on the roof, and putting my brain there. And that’s terrifying and super sad. And so I think that was the most challenging, and at the same time, rewarding.”


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