At Long Last, Tron: Legacy Is Coming to Disney+

Disney+ is getting Tron: Legacy at long last. The 2010 film has been a very interesting case among fans of the franchise. As a once heralded sequel, it was hard to live up to some of the expectations that a Tron sequel would be after all that time. But, even still, there’s another movie on the horizon. What better way to drive some hype for Tron 3 than to put the last movie in the series up on the streaming platform. Sam Flynn’s journey is one that people really enjoyed as he interacted with Jeff Bridges. It’s a fun ride and more people will get a taste of the series from this, Tron, and Tron Uprising. So, you can feel free to visit the grid this weekend. actually spoke to Joseph Kosinski about how the film was received on arrival. Some people love the movie now, but that may not have been the case upon release.

“The whole idea of expectations are really … it’s a hard thing in movies because I didn’t have any expectations. The first TRON, I think, was not a box office smash. Like you said, it was more of a cult classic. So I didn’t have expectations. At the time, I was happy with how the movie performed. I think Disney was, as well. Sure, in the post-Avatar world, after Avatar made whatever billions of dollars in 2009, I think maybe people thought that was going to become the norm,” Kosinski said. “But back in 2010, there just wasn’t … China hadn’t really come online as a giant cinema source of revenue like it is now and has been lately. I remember, me personally, not being disappointed with the performance, but I do remember being curious about the perception and the reporting at the time of not being as much as it should have been.”

“I want the movies I work on to be successful and I want the studio and all the investors to get all their money back. But I really am interested in how movies are perceived. It really is the 10-year test,” he continued. “That’s really the sign of, I think, a successful movie. Is it something that people go back to? I don’t know if TRON: Legacy has become that. I don’t know how you gauge that, but it’s a movie I’m very proud of and had a great experience making, and taught me so much. So for me, it was a huge success in my mind.”


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