Aggretsuko Season 4 Is Now On Netflix

The day has arrived once again when Netflix brings back the plucky office worker known as Aggretsuko, with the fourth season of the Sanrio character now available to watch on the streaming service that throws plenty of new challenges to both the red panda and her office friends. First debuting in 2016, the series follows Aggretsuko as she tries to find love while also expressing herself through death metal music that she blasts out whenever she is feeling blue. In this latest season, it seems that things are taking a turn for Retsuko and her co-worker Haida.

In season three of Aggretsuko, the anime series saw the young accountant placed into a rather unique situation, as the result of a parking lot fender bender saw her becoming a member of an underground pop band known as the OTM Girls. With the dark side of stardom nearly causing Retsuko to lose her life, she returned to her place as an office worker and her relationship with Haida changed as a result as she still attempts to find her soulmate in the big city. Season four has ten episodes total which is sure to have plenty of drama and humor throughout if the previous three seasons are any indication.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sanrio series, Netflix offered the official description for the series on its platform:

“Frustrated with her thankless office job, Retsuko the Red Panda copes with her daily struggles belting out death metal karaoke after work.”

Aggretsuko is one of the most unique characters created by the company Sanrio, and that’s saying something considering the organization has created an original character that is a cracked egg. Though Sanrio’s most popular character is Hello Kitty, the albino feline that has brought in millions of dollars of profits over the years, Retsuko and her story proves that the company can venture into some unexpected territory.


A fifth season of the series has yet to be confirmed at this point, though the streaming service has proved that it is all-in when it comes to anime, with Netflix currently having exclusivity when it comes to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Baki Hanma, and Beastars to name a few.

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