AEW’s Sammy Guevara Retains TNT Title on Rampage

The first match on tonight’s AEW Rampage was the TNT Championship match between Sammy Guevara and Tony Nese. The bell rang and Guevara was immediately in attack mode on Nese, charging right at him and trying to pay back Nese for the attack he gave him last week. He then laid in some Hammer Fists on Nese and then hit a gorgeous Corkscrew Dropkick. Nese then walked out of the ring and took a minute to breathe. Guevara then hit another Corkscrew spin between the ropes and slammed his knee into Nese’s face. Nese got some space but then he was sent arm first into the steel steps, killing his momentum again.

Guevara then hit a big chop to Nese’s chest, but Nese grabbed Guevara out of midair and then hit a big knee, knocking him hard to the mat. He kept Guevara down with big kicks and more damage to Guevara’s already hurt ribs, but Guevara punched back. Nese kept punching his ribs and then he jumped over the ropes and hit a guillotine.

He hit a Moonsault Press on Guevara and he looked like he hurt his knee a bit. Nese kicked him hard in the back but Guevara replied with a chop. Nese threw Guevara hard into the corner, and he would do so again, further damaging Guevara’s ribs. He then got Guevara into the center of the ring and worked Guevara’s ribs more,

Nese kept working on Guevara but Guevara managed to buy himself some time with a big drop to the mat. He tried to hit a Roundhouse kick but Nese caught him and then worked over Guevara’s knee and leg with a submission hold. Guevara managed to fight him off and then responded with a clothesline and then two more. Guevara was thrown into the corner but evaded Nese’s attack and then hit a kick to the side of the head.

Guevara then hit a Cutter on Nese and scrambled for a pin, but Nese kicked out at two. Guevara then kept up the momentum, but Nese reversed his fortune with a Single Leg Crab. Guevara managed to roll up Nese but he kicked out. Nese went to hit a Pump Handle Slam but he countered with a Spanish Fly, though Nese kicked out of the pin that followed.

Guevara clotheslined Nese over the rope and to the ground, and then he hit a gorgeous Springboard from the top rope on Nese. Guevara went for another Springboard but Nese knocked him off and hit his own gorgeous move. Then he hit a 450 Splash on Guevara in the center of the ring, but Guevara kicked out of the pin.

Nese slapped Guevara around a bit and then hit a massive Power Bomb on Guevara in the corner. He went to capitalize but Guevara hit a Pump Kick and then lifted Nese up and hit the GTH for the pin and the win, retaining his TNT Championship.


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