#250: The Big 250, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, RIP Justice League, JJ Almost Blew up Coruscant, Dave loves Peacemaker…CLIP SHOW!


ITS A HUGE SHOW! The 250th EPISODE of Signal of Doom! We cover Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, its RIP Justice League, (they’ve killed it ten years after they killed off our interest!) JJ and Bad Robot almost blew up Coruscant, Dave loves Peacemaker, Joss Whedon continues to SUCK, Lord of the Rings has a title, Lord of the Rings: The Ringers of Power: The Rings of Men, and wow doesn’t it just SING! Also….CLIP SHOW!

Weekly Comics – The 250 Club!

Superman #250

Amazing Spider-Man #250

Worlds Finest #250

Batman #250

Incredible Hulk #250

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