#243: Dave IS Judas Traveller, Venom, Cthulhu in Lord of the Rings? Dave doesn’t understand Spaceship Hulk, Andrew Garfield, Dave spots Spidey Armor


WELCOME BACK to a BIG EPISODE of Signal of Doom! Dave is Spidey and Judas Traveller OBSESSED, Rich has to explain Spaceship Hulk to an extremely confused Dave, Andrew Garfield’s Spidey movies are dissected, Aunt May’s age is discussed, Dave spots Spidey Armor in the new trailer, Rich is burnt out from the RETAIL WAR, and we try to work out what is the CHTHULU element in Lord of the Rings, which is definitely NOT the creature that attacks Frodo in the lake outside Moria!

It’s a big one – relax and ENJOY!

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Hulk #1

Amazing Spider-Man #224

Amazing Spider-Man #248

Amazing Spider-Man #299

Spider-Man/Batman: Disordered Minds

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