1832 – Thanksgiving Storytime with Uncle Sal

Gather round the table, grab a turkey leg, some cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. and dig in to our festive treat to you, the listeners. As this year, Murd and Ian celebrate with the one, the only, Uncle Sal Abbinanti! As usual, this episode is very much not for the kids and the episode itself is raw and uncensored, but we go over everything from what Sal’s been up to lately, life in and around Chicago as it tries to return to normal, his eventual return to conventions and what he wants to see once there, how time away has been a source of inspiration, plenty of slice of life anecdotes, and of course his current Kickstarter campaign for the Atomika: God is Red Omnibus. Dig in, this one is worth taking your time with and really savoring it. And for those of you celebrating, a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving to you all! (1:44:54)

from Ultimate Comic Blog

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